Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Knowing Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms Helps Early Diagnosis

Several Leaky Gut Syndrome symptoms are non specific for the condition.

There are many intestinal disorders which mimic leaky gut symptoms and must be considered before making a diagnosis. Among the most frequently noted complaints among patients with Leaky Gut Syndrome are gum boils and infections, a sense of bloatedness, heartburn, altered bowel habits, increased intestinal gas and a feeling of depression.

All of these Leaky Gut Syndrome symptoms are related to a singular change in the gut lining - an increased leakiness or permeability to contents. This means partially digested food, bacteria, viruses and fungi from the gut can gain entry into the blood stream after bypassing the lymphatic defence systems.

Once you know how to identify leaky gut symptoms, treatment can be promptly initiated and this helps prevent the autoimmune reaction that leads to multiple complications.

For more about leaky gut syndrome symptoms and signs, see this report at the "Leaky Gut Cure Review" website. And check out Karen Brimeyer's popular book on the subject, "The Leaky Gut Cure". You can read a Leaky Gut Cure review here.


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