Monday, 4 April 2016

How To Gain Muscle - Insider Tips

How to gain muscle? What are the essential building blocks to gaining muscle mass?

Protein, carbs, fat and water. Yes, the last one is as important as the other three. Your body is 70% water and to function effectively and remove toxins needs to be well hydrated. After intense workouts you sweat a lot. This needs to be replaced. So drink plenty of water.

Avoid sugary, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea and colas. These cause dehydration which interferes with your muscle building. If you are thirsty reach for a glass of water, plain and simple. It cleanses the body of wastes and quenches your thirst.

Everyone knows that proteins are the basic building blocks of muscles. So include pure proteins based foods like egg whites, lean meats like chicken, fish and turkey to your diet.

Plant based proteins are not as effective but will still do if you need variety. Include different types of legumes, pulses and beans to your diet. Milk-based products like cottage cheese and yogurt are also good sources of proteins. Supplement with protein shakes.

Muscle Gaining Secrets

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