Sunday, 8 June 2014

How To Gain Muscle Through Nutrition and Exercise

Ab workouts for natural bodybuilding are designed to target muscles in the abdomen. These are most difficult to train and get in shape. There are several exercises which can be used to train your stomach muscles.

Remember though that it takes years of consistent training and adherence to a strict bodybuilding diet to get strong and flat stomach. Don't expect quick fixes. You also need to pay attention to your diet. Indulging in junk foods, fizzy drinks, fried snacks and sweet stuff is a sure-fire way to shoot yourself in the foot as all the benefits gained on the gym floor will be lost on the restaurant or party floor. That's not how to gain muscle.

There are many different exercises that target different parts of the abdomen. There are even specific workouts for women. Leg raises are one of the simplest. You lie down flat on your back and raise your feet a few inches off the ground. Hold the feet up for 10-20 seconds. Do this about 4-5 times every morning.

Plank is another great exercise which is part of many ab workouts. There are several variations of the plank which help strengthen the muscles of the stomach. Basic plank where your rest your body weight on your forearms and tips of your feet, the side plank where your balance your body weight on one arm and one foot while on your side. The arm raise when doing the basic plank where you extend one arm in front when resting your weight on the other arm are all great for your core muscles.

When working on any muscles remember that diet plays an important part. So eat healthy, stick to a muscle building diet and only those foods that go towards building muscles and giving you enough energy to perform your daily activities should be included in your diet. For more information about the best program that will help you build muscles quickly and easily, visit this link - click here

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bodybuilding Workouts And How To Get A Six Pack

For too long there has been a wrong idea that women should avoid bodybuilding workouts or learning how to build muscle. The sculpted look is meant for men not women was the general belief.

But over the years all these myths and misconceptions have given way to the scientific reasoning which says women need to build muscles to stay strong and fit just like men. Also muscles give women a more toned and defined body. The stick-thin women with bones sticking out from beneath their skinny frames are no longer the norm. They are in fact frowned upon as unhealthy. Six pack abs are the in thing.

Bodybuilding workouts involve strengthening exercises for all parts of the body like arms upper and lower, legs including thighs and calves, pectorals muscles, shoulders, back muscles, abdominal muscles (learn how to get a six pack here) and so on. Working out each set of muscles on a rotation helps develop them into stronger and bigger ones and these new tissue burn more fat than normal body tissue. So building muscles has several benefits.

Including different strengthening exercises as well as the best abs workouts in your week fitness schedule is great way to increase your strength, fitness and overall health. High intensity cardio should also be included as part of fitness regime.

But consult your physician to find out if your health allows you to do this as it places some amount of strength on the heart muscles. A weak heart might give out under too much strain. Instead of spending hours in the gym work out a schedule where you perfrom intense and short session challenging your different muscles to perform at their peak capacity. Ben Pakulski is one of the well known bodybuilding trainers to follow.